"In this devotional book, you get a chance, not only to meet Tasha, but to share the story of her struggles and her journey to becoming who God created her to be. The underlying theme of this devotional is that God is using everything you’ve gone through and everything you will ever go through to make you a phenomenal woman. This is not an abstract book, but a practical one, with scriptures to empower you, spaces to reflect and prompts that will guide you on your journey. This book will inspire you to fight, knowing that you are not in the fighting rink by yourself. Tasha’s book will stir you to the core of who you are, even as it gives you hope and inspires you to no longer hide behind the pain. 

Uduak Afangideh 

Fight for Your Next Level (Order Your Book Today)

Hey, Sis!

Did you know that you were not meant to be a success on the outside and a mess on the inside? Of course you do! You were not created to just help others but forced to suffer in silence and live a barely-get-along life...

Let's face it...

We are women, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, leaders, influencers, mentors, entrepreneurs and more. We are talented. We know how to be the answer for everyone else, but we tuck our hidden secrets and scars away from the public eye. I get it! Judgment hurts! If “they” really knew what was really going on inside, would they pray for us or would we be the subject of their gossip and critical opinions?  

Enough is Enough!! 

"Fight for your Next Level" is a 10-Day devotional that is dedicated to my “strong” friends who are great at inspiring and influencing others but can’t help but wonder, “Does anyone really see ME!” This book answers that question loud and clear. YES!!!  

You are not forgotten! You are chosen! It's not time to give up! It's time to grow up! But this time, it's going to require a different kind of fight!

This book is designed to help you grow stronger with a different strategy!

Let's gooooo....

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Fight for Your Next Level Devotional
Fight for Your Next Level Devotional

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